Personal Fundraising- Allow Others to Receive the Gift of Hearing

Hearing Charities of America believes that everyone has the right to healthy hearing, yet thousands of Americans go without the hearing health resources they need. Driven by this lack of assistance and the collective missions of Hearing Charities and Sertoma, Inc., the National Hearing Aid Project was created.

The mission of the National Hearing Aid Project is to provide eligible, low income individuals with hearing aids and related hearing health services. In addition to direct services, Hearing Charities has created a platform for recipients to spread awareness and garner support through personal fundraising.

Friends, donors and participants in the program have the opportunity to do a personal fundraiser to make sure hearing aids and services are available for others. Each person who does a fundraiser will be able to customize their page by sharing their story, add photos and video, and engage friends and family via email and social media. Anyone can show their support by donating safely and securely to a person’s page, or donating directly to the cause.

All funds gathered through this unique fundraiser will make it possible for others to receive the gift of hearing through the National Hearing Aid Project. Help us help others, and together we can improve the lives of those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Start your fundraiser today, or support another’s journey to better hearing!

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